Endless Fight EP

by Dissolve

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Originally recorded and released as a 7" record in 1994 on Endless Fight records. Dismantle is a bonus track, recorded during the session but dropped because the song had been drastically rewritten by the time of release.


released January 1, 1994

Recorded by Morgan Walker at the Rockhouse.
Cover photo was taken by Deanna Bailey

John Mazurowski: guitar
Jamie Mazurowski: guitar
Avi Ginsberg: bass
Keavan Rivers: drums
Paul Thorstenson: vocals


all rights reserved



Dissolve Poughkeepsie, New York

Metal/hardcore band from Poughkeepsie, NY, formed in 1991.

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Track Name: Sandblaster
Too long, too old are my only excuses for being alive
Too insecure, it's just no excuse for being blind
I can't put a finger on the pulse of a generation
hellbent on sensation
Running upstairs to spread wings to crash and burn
death ride, suicide, destination:no return
you wear your image like a gun at your hip but it's a gun at your head
You're already dead
pathetic, synthetic, death by desire
desecrate the peace you've found
I spit upon your holy ground
I want to bleed on your open sores and infect you with a drive for something real
Mouths wide open let it all pour out about your big bright future in your store bought filth, your credit card cool, your bullshit, jive-talkin', got it going on but you'll never keep it up.
so full of shit, so full of yourself
pretty, pretty ain't it but I'd love to see you painted like the whores you really are
Fully posable all-star cast in a psychedelic social scene setting
hands wrapped around each other's throats
I came to smash your health and break the teeth from your smiles
smell your flesh burn in a red-light feast of sight and sound
I swear you'll die for what you've done
your weight in blood for my self-worth
A martyr for my integrity
meaningless maturity
fuck all of your opportunities
fuck your popularity
ghost town blueprint tragedy
condemned to failure
Track Name: Gabriel's wrench
You erect statues of your beloved heroes and I'll drag them to the ground
Bow down to the altar of your racist god and I'll kick you when you're down
Your fashions and trends are a means to an end and I'll ignore your mind control
I repel you all
There's a high demand for the blind follower to be in gear in the engine to submit and submit.
torture me for my treasonous views
an outcast, I'm the wrench in the works
Paralyze the engine
battling infection, searching for the source
born to incinerate it, living to destroy it
Run and embrace the chains of disgrace
you sold yourself out on your own freewill
'cause you ain't my fuckin' hero and I detest your elitist crowd
and I hope you hate me for my views 'cause I denounce your respect 'til the day I die
My enslavement overthrown
denial of obedience
I abstain from discipline
denial of obedience

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